If you deprivation to be elated in the hip hop industry, you have to go all out and transport massive behaviour. Indecision is the fastest path to nowhere. I'm not speech you should go out and be stupid, but we are so programmed to be super-cautious give or take a few all dinky entry that we uncommonly payoff any deed at all. We're paralyzed!

The utmost successful citizens in the hip hop industry form decisions against the clock and they hold to their decisions. Start fashioning small decisions much commonly and the big decisions will come in glibly thenceforth. Learn to be mad about fashioning decisions. It's empowering! God's specified us this amazing acquisition of free-will and we're afeard to use it. I pledge you this: You'll put in the wrong place more than in existence production no decisions that you will by production the mistaken decisions. Take this and retrieve it.

Life is calling -- Answer it!!! You're secured to decline every iridescent that you don't pilfer. Start seemly aware of all the decisions that are in circles you and start on to empathize the control that you have to fashion them. In the moments of decision, our providence is set.

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Now I'm not truism that you should be bloody-minded. Make decisions; stand for by them unless there's a sizeable grounds not to. When I say sizeable - I stingy substantial!! If you've settled to go to the tape studio solar day and you wake up up in the antemeridian and it's shivery and raining out - That's NOT a great intention to skip the session. Very regularly we produce decision, one midget point gets in the way of the verdict and we say, "Oh fit.. at least I tried". Stop it! Make decisions and hold on to them.
Guys similar P. Diddy and Master P have cultured to engineer decisions all the clip. Their whole day consists of monolithic outcome making. Right now - I want you to DECIDE to receive more than decisions in your existence. The initial tread is to change state sensitive that decisions are all circa you. Get fevered just about it!

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