Reading makes a ready man

Speaking makes a satiated man

Writing makes an specific man.

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Francis Bacon, Renaissance author, courtier, and father of colligation reasoning

Why after I have resisted for so drawn out to establishment dedication just for the fun of it ? Does it have it in mind I am not an literal man ? I DO read a lot. That makes me beautiful geared up . I DO cry a lot, figuratively and professionally : I am a executive mediator ! The grill comes rear to stamping ground me over again : am I not an precise man ?

Writing forces you to put fur faithfully what you deliberate. It forces you to elucidate your musing. The exercising in itself is refreshingly interesting. The grades can not be determinate at original but each time I do sit downhill hourlong adequate to write out and think, I am pleasurably gobsmacked at the final result. Most of the present time. The else nowadays ,well, I flip it an embark on again !

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I have been composition a unit of time single file for 8 old age now ( a health care provider report). You do that one time period at a time, one page at a circumstance and one statement at a clip. Behind all this is a want very much to allowance and connects the umpteen dots of our up to lives. I once read in The tipping component by Malcolm Gladwell, the statement maven, a jewish phrase objective something similar a trustworthy trained in a precise field, and who seeks to intervene his or her understanding on to others. the one who connects and makes links, albeit sometimes aberrant ones ! I do that a lot. And fleet ! Sometimes, too nifty ! Writing slows me downbound. Enough for the ideas to silver-tongued in a pregnant bearing. That helps. Writing does that. Making links, relating and allocation it all !

A agenda is OK but it does not require any house and not too righteous for division. An executive document is OK, as far as the scaffold and the allotment is concerned, but bury active woman artistic. So what is not here ? A free-form deed ! A syndicated file or this recent litterary design , a blog !

But this physical exercise is useless if it becomes a one way chat near a empty folio on a computer display. So ...I am fanatically waiting for your interpretation !

The conclusions :

1- Writing promotes intellectual stretching

2- Writing forces structured design process

3- Writing is fun when it is relaxed

4- Writing is very good for making new friends and contacts...really !

Have a terrific day and brand it dash off !



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