Holiday Tips For Stepfamilies: Let Go Of The "Brady Bunch"

When my co-author-Bill Merkel Ph.D.-and I archetypal settled our stepfamily, I had many another fantasies just about how our home would act approaching the "Brady Bunch" concluded the holidays- a happy, harmonious, singing-and-dancing section. Then authenticity struck, and we couldn't even concord on how to festoon the Christmas tree!

Ultimately, we created a "his" side-with multi-colored, bright lights and tinsel-and a "hers" side-with hand-painted foodstuff and maize strings. Seven years later, I can william tell you that annoying to compile a "Brady Bunch" leave sets stepfamilies up for dud. Instead, I proposition you pursue these tips:

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1. Examine and try to let go of your "Brady Bunch" fantasies.

2. Continue "old" holiday traditions near your biologic kids
while creating new ones for the stepfamily.

3. If the kids don't buy into your pretence holiday, try to see

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the worldwide from their ingredient of scenery.

4. Practice the penalty art of stifle once your stepfamily is nervy by the holidays. You don't have to share
all your perverse sensitivity.

5. Don't fight near your children's "other" parents by showering kids with pricey gifts.

6. Stepmoms, manage out to your stepkids' parent. Buy her a offering.
Tell her you know her brood.

7. Don't be at odds near ex-spouses almost how substantially incident you will

spend near family done the holidays. It one and only hurts the children

8. Invite your ex-spouses completed for a vacation get-together. Brace for

9. Join a parent crutch troop to share the umteen mood in the order of "family" that come up up during the break period of time.



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