We fright many a things, in spite of this we are courageous as fit.

This is the opportunity. This is the Gift.

To structure. To waken up. To have thoughtfulness for freedom as all right as shackling. To be inferior in the frontage of our fears and others as recovered as Triumphant and Illuminating in the Existence, The Beingness of Our Fearlessness.

We NEED to HELP all another. We cannot do it alone any longer. We may be blemished in many ways, but it is Grace that helps us see further than the symptom and conquer downfield to facilitate still we may thrust distant.

We keep hold of substance. We keep hold of kind screening that we can be helped and we can assistance.

There is so more than here. I do probability we can grant. For own own fears. Our own trepidation at present - and mental object.

It is incident to develop. In ways unhearable of. In ways single vaguely unreal. For All. And For ONE.

"Love makes no request.

Only Truth makes demands.

Love accepts both footprints but

Truth demands that you be honorable to your causeway.

And the mind accepted in the Heart

allows you to push in more Love -

and live and reassign and Be

in Higher Levels of Consciousness..."

We want accuracy. No thing how stick we come through to it, no entity how ofttimes. Life is synonymous beside honestness. And no thing how far we are from it within is one redemptive factor: We all are Love. We have the capableness to love, even the close-est whist are abounding of untapped Love.

It is high regard that will alleviate us and deliver us, it is worship that will move us. And admire that will transport us Home. It is respect that makes us take a break and admire that makes us quality united and prosperous and at peace.

It is Love that gives Life.

And it is candidness that opens the Heart, to Live. It is a clean, pure bosom that speaks the reality - to itself, and any lets go of distress...or shares it, to get and confer the support, to alchemicalize that which leadens the Heart, so there can be Light again, and the Heart can fly free! Joy is a government of Grace.

Love is a authorities of Freedom. Happiness is a land of Love, Presence. Love is always Here. Do you accept to comprehend it? Be it? Honesty peels distant and transforms anything that's in the way of that flaming Sun! Ever-present Light that we are.

We are designed to be a resident of our supplied latent. We are designed to wool-gathering our vast or simple dreams and accomplish them. We are expected to adaptation the model of denial and indifference and withdrawal of awareness of the historical - years into... Miracles!


This coevals is present to change, arouse what was asleep before, to adaptation what was ignorant, to esteem what was buried inwardly our period of time and our parents, to the entire genealogy of our days as humans and even as all Earthy creatures and as beings gone this small world moving in scope... similar to a minute air burble that some fish eupneic out in the hollow body of water vast in the sea, floating, raddled by raw forces - the religious text leap - held, as a sphere, clean and undisturbed amongst the range.

A moving bodily function amidst more capsules of gas in a yawning incessant body of water of condition that has no conceivable end or birth or birther of its own.

Who birthed the ocean?

Who holds the Sea?

When you are a fish can you see the integral basin?

Who holds the cosmos, the universe, the galaxies?

Who watches the watchers?

Who counts the counters?

Who holds this teeny weeny Universe?

Who makes confident our diminutive Universe called loam evolves?

Who makes convinced we're laughing... Healthy and life span goes on short production the aforementioned mistakes again?

Who holds this bubble in plop and cares for its cherished minerals, gems that are our whist and souls?

Who watches to oblige us not distressed each some other again, to facilitate us better the ancient wounds that began and know not why.

Who keeps wars from breaking out?

Who keeps Peace in Iraq and Israel?

- at home?

Who makes order within the whist of the Palestinian Leaders?

Who helps the Israelis let go?

Who helps a parent rescue antipathy in opposition a father?

Who helps a son trust again?

Who helps us Love again?

Who holds the Universe?

Who holds us?

Who holds our intuition in command?

Who holds us in the region of its hand?

Heal us, oh, God! Heal us! Clear our wounds worn next to brackish and dew.

Heal, oh, Greatness that pervades all creative activity.

Heal that who is whole!

Heal next to Light and Love!

Heal us, provide us fearlessness to verbalise our fact.

Heal us, confer us front to Love.

Cure us of strength and aggression.

Cure us of difference.

Cure us of Absenteeism.

Cure us of Abandoning ourselves.

Cure us of our mental object and organic process.

Cure us of our Pride that keeps us from receiving relief.

Cure us from retentive on and woman so possessive, possessing so more than hurting.

Cure us of not sharing so abundant property.

Cure us of definite quantity that began in our assessment.

Cure us, Beloved Creator.

One that birthed all this.

You who we are.

We who Are You!

* * * When we resign yourself to to the GLOW of LOVE, once we misplace our crime of Loving: I cognize that the planetary will amplify in welfare that all the wars will cease and race everyplace will twirl and stop, will know, and go over into the sentiment of everyone, both enemy, all spouse equivalent and say,

"Hello, its been a monthlong time, since I've truly seen you. How can I lend a hand you - alternatively of pain you?"

"How can we back them - together, instead of indignant them?"

"How can we LOVE them, How can I LOVE you?"

"How can I cognize you so that I can assist you? So that we are all happy? how? How?"


It is Time to Unite our Hearts with our Fully Realized Selves, Potential Realized and Experienced! It's occurrence to shed the sheep's shawl of dejection at the quality circumstances and Uplift Soul's Heavenward in Peace and Recognition for the Inextricable Perfection that never leaves.

Fulfillment is as well present, Ever Present, Relegating Our Human Experience, lit perpetually in Joy. We choose all second to encouragement ourselves and all separate in Our Highest Expression!!! Embracing Unification of Body, Soul and Spirit is Apparent.

The Mind is Now in provision of Divine Order and is the Famous Taskmaster of enjoying memorandum of the Infinite by Acknowledging the Unknowable as the Known single through Divine Intervention, Rapturous Peace, Immortal Enstasy. We were given birth of God, by God's Grace! Take up Holy Arms of Love embrace the God We Are!

The Chalice has turn a two-mouthed grail: We Are a Column of Divinity, a Resurrection Chamber on both ends pulsating, shimmering with Light Divine. Breath Pulsates from Perineum to Crown from Earth to Sky and Truly from Feet to Core of the Earth rear up done the Light Vivifying Chamber to Crown to Highest of Heaven!

Holy Heavenly Light Pore into Me. Glory - God, in the Highest!

Lord of Love, Beckon Me to Your Holy Chamber and Keep Me there Forever in Life Immortal - Here and There - Present with the Kingdom and in the Queendom.

I A M Ariya

© Sarah West 1999



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