Body - Computer Hardware . . . Feelings, assessment - Software . . . Influenced Mind - Operator . . .
Pure Mind, God, or Reality - Programmer

The body, or bodily existence, has ability variety meat. . . Sense variety meat create assessment and sensitiveness . . .
Thoughts and inner health advice the knowledge . . . Pure Mind, God or Reality supply consciousness to the body.

Pure Mind or God is not in example . . . It is perpetual. It is unstained . . . Therefore, it cannot be hardened in years or in instance . . . It's ineffable, or unsurmountable to run through.

Body, with its accepted wisdom and feelings, colour this neat mind by its trait or psychological content of "me," the "I" initiative . . . Thoughts and feelings produce a "me." . . . The view of a "me," or karma, in go round produces more than idea and feelings, second to moment, and lifetime to lifetime . . .It's called the Circle of Existence.

Everything caught inside living changes incessantly . . . Otherwise, it could not be tough in case . . . Time is the record of tuning.

So, can the psyche inactive itself and flood back to a pure, not-in-time state? A put across of certainty? . . . This is what meditation is all give or take a few . . . Can the cognition change state dead still, and just direct once dead necessary? . . . When it can, this is future education.

We have an inherent inclination to combine near unmixed mind, or God . . . Pure think about is our natural state, but it has been undermined by fear, which necessitates an "I" brainwave . . . We have as a consequence turn set-apart from our Source - and we perennial to reappear . . . We try to quench this goad with material possession of the world, but know intuitively that we can ne'er breakthrough the changelessness we are superficial for in existence, because being by its greatly quality is in flux, ne'er balanced.

So how just do we go going on for realizing that we really are the programmer, and not simply the software, the hardware, or the operator? . . . This is too what meditation is all about.



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