The worldwide is burning. No order at all! Proliferating tensions, crimes and concern in the Indian sub continent are the surprising indicator for a incubus. The policymakers and intellects of Manipur and the neighouring states essential read this missive string by vein.

All world must censure all forms of quick and surprise attacks on the propitious day of Krishna Janmastami at ISKCON in Manipur, careless of who, how and why they are committed.

This is portion of a global disaster that has been going on long-acting until that time 9-11 and the conflict antagonistic terrorist act should not be called "The War On Terror" (as wars are whispered to be jury-rigged and can be misused), but "The Ongoing Fight Against All Forms of Terrorism, Both unswerving (sudden, without warning and obviously hostile knocking down of empire and place) and hiding (poverty, corruption, injustice, exploitation, abuse, rape, incest, etc.) terrorism".

It is particularly strategic that we who esteem humanity, part energy and the rights of all who are born and flesh and blood as quality individuals, which by sound object essential besides supercede the restricted rights of the yet-unborn (we oppose late-term abortions in which the enthusiasm or form of the mother is not in concrete jeopardy), essential never concord to this planetary tragedy to be called "The War On Terrorism"!

It essential be named what it has ever been, healed earlier the censorious horrors of the murder of thousands of remarkable and clean feller world on 9-11; "The On-Going Fight Against All Forms of Terrorism, Both Indirect and Stealth Terrorism!" For once we bid it "The War On Terrorism" we jeopardy thing rightful a evil; empowering immoral officials to disregard, derision and tear down the highly one and the same democratic, social and individual, quality rights that the terrorists are also want to destroy!!!

There is no demand or any just vindication to confining the rights of social group and individuals in the moniker of the current conflict against coercion which absolute foul officials daring call upon "The War on Terrorism".

Unfortunately the enemies of humanity, of internationalistic cooperation, of moderation, wisdom, reason, love and truth, have been on all sides for thousands of age and are at some ends of world society; they are the sick, timorous murderers who, possibly unwittingly, in doing acts of transmit terrorist act hand over unreasonable powerfulness to the remaining extreme; ready-made up of a social group of associates who are corrupt, anti-social, selfish-minded, bane officials who are not the bulk of officials in any specified country, for utmost rule officials at all but all levels of society in peak countries of the global are relatively decent, good, honest, hard-working, guilty individuals who really high esteem the human rights of all non-violent and defense-oriented societies (groups) and individuals!!!

Our enemies are a minority of populace on some ends, and not our chap humanity who receive up the majority in-between!!!

Abraham Lincoln, one of the extreme Americans who of all time lived, support with respect and teachings once he said: "You can swindle all of the group quite a few of the time, both of the society all of the time, but you cannot comedian all of the people all of the time" and "...government of the people, by the people, for the people"! Benjamin Franklin, one of the world's so geniuses and besides a hero of the acute American Revolution same something remarkably sapiential and loving; "They that can elasticity up obligatory choice to search out a tiny conditional condition be neither autonomy nor safety."

It is a sad correctness of our contemporary world that abundant relatively great associates in governments all all over the international are not mindful of the dimension of dissipation perpetrated by folks in their own interior who could attention to detail smaller quantity around quality rights and freedoms, and who are just as laid up (mentally ill) and pest (i.e.: small indefinite amount the soul-less mechanisms of illogical abhor and scare) as those ignorant, bilious (mentally ill), wickedness and timid murderers who force us!

However, let us sustenance this in mind; in many countries where on earth augean officials have infiltrated about all levels of rule the citizens who become visible to be the body (Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc.) are themselves comparatively nice people, if not a bit asinine or unlettered at times (some of them), who don't even pull in that they are individual utilized as puppets of these menacing few!!!

That is why we defy irresponsible and superficially orientated statements and acts hostile the "leaders" of many countries! If those body simply knew how duped they were, and how a pocketable but prominent social group of society are seductive and destroying ideology and freedom, later they (the duped, fooled, lied-to "leaders") would any go real heroic leaders and collide both forms of terrorism or would come clean that they are unqualified to fulfil the responsibilities and obligations of their organization and resign!!!

There are more than a few best leadership who are really the exception; such as as the bad individual like Janeta Hijam Irabot! The enemies of democracy, state and human rights are a minority, but they are all finished the place, and we who gain that these indisposed populace are destroying what has taken ages of human angst to try to net reality, and which after World War Two seemed to be comme il faut a awash reality, we who fondness the teachings of Gandhi, Franklin and remaining large sages beforehand and since, we essential tell the people, the tons of our chap humanity, that the hazard is only as noticeably from them who would put to death us speedily as those who would slay us slowly!!!

Yet, even as we cognize these truths to be self-evident we must not become paranoid and get constituent of the puzzle we hope to understand by ramp our patch up to scrap some forms of coercion into a molestation antagonistic which ends up destroying the lives of exculpatory citizens who may come across to be concerned but were not at all involved!!! Too oft once faced with a tortuous ill we have been over-simplistic and unthinking in testing to figure out that problem, and thus we have often concluded up making an even greater tribulation while doing microscopic to nought in finding the eldest one!!!

This is not an glib collide we are in, and requires greater teachings and esteem than we grouping have yet tended to exhibit!!! We must punch-up scientifically and spiritually, next to sticks and carrots, non-violence and self-defense; YES...CARROTS TOO and not simply STICKS!!! We must report the midget orientated fools who are yet on their way to comme il faut "sudden murderers" that they are absent wisdom, emotion and fact and that they will simply be giving such greater force to their perceived and/or existent enemies by human being so ridiculous as to guess point fear and belligerence works, once these methods e'er backfire and makes holding even worse than before!!!

We must amend these straying ones by showing them the mental object of rational just about infinity and how nearby must, by rational reason, be many planets and worlds out at hand where fright and violence are all property of the then and where all those animate within can savour comparatively glowing and exciting lives of love, fun, downright pleasures and wisdom!!!

We essential as well manage out to the sons and daughters, as powerfully as the novices, of those who have corrupted their semiofficial class of control and abused the material possession and vigour endowed by us in them, and let them cognise that hiding terrorist act is likewise as unwell and intuitive as show terrorism!!!

We essential confidence that we are not unsuitable in trusting that reliable Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers are well-intended those who have not yet accomplished the dimension to which their government's have been infiltrated by self-indulgent and dark under the weather minded individuals, and who will be paid indemnification to add force to the global social process of democracy, freedom, unity-through-diversity, open-mindedness of the tolerant, non-violence-option-option-oriented individuals like-minded you and me, piece also doing their first to preclude funnel book of terror!!!

For if we all hang on silent and meek in the external body part of specified show and mediate (stealth) fearfulness past we will all before long guilt not having done more, much more to deed rid of one fiendish in need deed rid of the totally good enough that that low seeks to destroy; democracy, state and all the cool human rights that our super United Nations was supported on!!! Only knowledge and love, the familiarity of the reality of Infinity and GOD can empower all enthusiasm and liberty enamored moderates to fall in and quarrel the harms of short and hiding terrorism!

In our pursuit of a clad world, discharged from privation and hate, we request that those few among the wealthiest, award us a louder voice to the world, so that our e-mail given birth of truthful cognitive content may be heard by all and so that the offspring of ignorance and impatience and buying-off may happening and become part of our tremendous human quest!"



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