You're scintillating. Attractive. And fully confident of holding your own. You've got an MBA, your own burrow in the suburbs or you're transaction a excessive housing next to a pleasing outlook. You've got a 401K plan, a nice extent money. You've even taken yourself on time off for the olden brace of old age. And you did it all on your own. Many would say you've got it going on big instance. You say, you are fair doing you. There's individual one problem: For the prehistoric cardinal years you've been seated familial alone and you'd genuinely close to to come across person pleasant who has the latent to be your Mr. Right.

But you've got your requirements. You habit even judge in the order of qualitative analysis a man unless he has a institute degree, plant a achromatic cole job making dear to six figures, drives a nice car, moves snugly in the most authoritative universal circles, dresses well, has a undefiled dictation of the English language, is not too nerdy but not to thugged-out either, is taller than you by at least possible four inches, doesn't agree too loud, survey too much TV or have any else bad behaviour that get on your nervousness. And preferably, no kids. That's a long-shanked command. And the elderly we get, the harder that dictation becomes to riddle. Don't get me untrue. There's nought wrong with having standards. Just variety convinced that your standards are not so exact and adamant that they're abidance you unsocial.

There's cipher untrue next to lacking a man who's got it going on externally. But you as well poverty to sort secure that he has the guise and kindness to vertebrae it up. Is he kind, thoughtful, honest, caring, untiring and household oriented? How does he treat your children? Does he worth and tribute you? Maybe he drives a Honda alternatively of a BMW or he building complex near his safekeeping instead of generous commands from an bureau. Maybe he doesn't have a institute amount but he's intelligent, communicative and socially sentient. Just perhaps he doesn't have all of the obvious features that you're looking for but he's a severe guy who plant hard, brings domicile a check, has integrity, is a good speaker and thinks the global of you and your children. Would you be willing and able to leave behind him up in kindness of a guy who had it going on outwardly but treated you approaching crap, was dismissive towards your offspring and acted like he was doing you a favor by screening you a weeny pizzazz.

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See it's not something like threatening your standards. It's more or less re-examining your priorities so that you outer shell deeper than a man's educational activity and pockets. Sometimes you've got to sit hair next to yourself to illustration out what's really useful to you in a mate, especially once you think drawn-out permanent status. Life is too short-term to let exact standards to hold on to you unsocial.

This nonfiction is excerpted from Cassandra Mack's book, "The Single Mom's Little Book of Wisdom: 42 Tidbits of Wisdom To Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong."

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