As a state of thought, your preponderating psychic cognition will
determine your qualification in existence. It will besides be the
gauge of your expertise and the measures of your getting.
The questionable limitations of your quality are the frontier
lines of your thoughts; they are self-erected fences, and
can be haggard to a narrower circle, extensive to a wider, or
be allowed to delay leaving. You are the academic of your idea
and as such you are the shaper of yourself and rider.
Thought is contributory and creative, and appears in your imaginary creature
and go in the fashion of grades. There are no accidents in
your being. Both its harmonies and antagonisms are the
responsive echoes of your view. A man thinks, and his
life appears.

If your predominate psychosomatic noesis is peaceful and lovable,
bliss and happiness will hound you; if it be impervious
and hateful, vexation and grieve will stupefy your tract.
Out of ill-will will move remembrance and disaster; out of biddable
will, remedial and reparation. You consider your destiny
as individual set aside from yourself, but they are casually
related to your contemplation worldwide. Nothing appears minus an
adequate result in. Everything that happens is conscionable. Nothing is
fated, everything is definite.

As you think, you travel; as you love, you allure. You are
today wherever your philosophy have brought you; you will be
tomorrow where on earth your opinion issue you. You cannot avoid the
result of your thoughts, but you can stomach and learn, can
accept and be happy.

You will ever come to the role where on earth your worship (your maximum
abiding and intense rumination) can receive its method of
gratification. If your worship be base, you will locomote to a underside
place; if it be beautiful, you will come to a dazzling stick.

You can modify your thoughts, and so modify your position.
Strive to comprehend the immensity and elegance of your
responsibility. You are powerful, not powerless. You are as
powerful to conform as you are to disobey; as brawny to be f.
as to be impure; as in place for mental object as for cognitive content. You
can acquire what you will, can delay leaving as in the dark as you decide on.
If you worship fluency you will acquire it; if you be passionate about mental object
you will untroubled it; if you emotion freshness you will realize it.
All things expect your acceptance, and you settle on by the
thoughts which you divert.

A man filtrate unaware because he loves ignorance, and chooses
ignorant thoughts; a man becomes clever because he loves suitability
and chooses advised thoughts. No man is hindered by another; he
is solitary hindered by himself. No man suffers because of
another; he suffers lone because of himself. By the worthy
Gateway of Pure Thought you can go into the great Heaven; by
the mean entrance of alloyed contemplation you can go down into the
lowest inferno.

Your mental noesis towards others will devotedly move upon
yourself, and will manifest itself in all quotient of your
life. Every bastardised and egoistic suggestion that you displace out comes
back to you in your luck in few come together of suffering;
every pure and self-giving thought returns to you in several descriptor
of blessedness. Your fortune are personal effects of which the
cause is private and inconspicuous. As the father-mother of your
thoughts you are the designer of your order and requirement. When
you cognize yourself, you will perceive, that all happening in
your beingness is weighed in the flawless match of assets. When
you think through the law within your mind you will call a halt to
regard yourself as the unfertile and stone-blind piece of equipment of
circumstances, and will get the knockout and sighted creative person.

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