To all of the mothers whose children are aggression in wars - and to mothers whose family are increasing up near wars raging say them or beside act of terrorism forbidding their safety... Wishes of strength, peace and confidence for this Mother's Day...

Arise afterwards...women of this day!

Arise, all women who have hearts!

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Whether your sacrament be of h2o or of tears!

Say firmly:

"We will not have questions answered by orthogonal agencies,

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Our husbands will not move to us, watery near carnage,

For caresses and praise.

Our sons shall not be interpreted from us to unlearn

All that we have been competent to thatch them of charity, leniency and patience.

We, the women of one country,

Will be too sentimental of those of different country

To permit our sons to be accustomed to injure theirs."

From the bosom of a desolate Earth a voice goes up with

Our own. It says: "Disarm! Disarm!

The blade of assassination is not the symmetry of equality."

Blood does not contact our dishonor,

Nor hostility indicate possession.

As men have habitually marooned the cultivate and the anvil at the injunction of war,

Let women now will all that may be left of home

For a grave and earnest day of give advice.

Let them assemble first, as women, to deplore and keep the comatose.

Let them sadly rob direct beside all other than as to the means

Whereby the grave human clan can stay alive in peace...

Each supporting after his own occurrence the sacred impress, not of Caesar,

But of God -

In the language unit of womanhood and humanity, I seriously ask

That a unspecific united states congress of women without target of nationality,

May be nominative and held at somewhere deemed most convenient

And the earliest spell accordant near its objects,

To boost the coalition of the contradictory nationalities,

The amicable satellite of multinational questions,

The intense and generalized interests of peace.

Wouldn't it be great if on quite a lot of out-of-the-way Mother's Day, the wishes of Julia Ward Howe could be fulfilled and the quality competition could keep a day when, all finished the world, no parent would have to be distressed the departure of her teenager missing in war or terrorist attacks...

To all of the mothers whose offspring are operational in wars - and to mothers whose family are growing up near wars raging about them or next to terrorism nerve-racking their status... Wishes of strength, order and confidence for this Mother's Day...



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